About Calibrr

While you’re living your day-to-day life, or exploring new and exciting foreign places, you can familiarize yourself with the people nearby you using Calibrr. Learn more about them by delving into their profile, and discover even more by exploring all of their social media that they have featured to be on their Calibrr profile as well. Get all of your social media organized in one easily accessible place, with Calibrr.


Browsing Calibrr’s nearby community out of curiosity is always a fun thing to do, and so is exploring someone’s Calibrr profile, and their linked social media. The Calibrr Community is larger in some places than others, so to maximize fun and exposure, we recommend exploring Calibrr while at school or university, in and around college towns, clubs, bars, large gatherings, events and cities. If you ever want privacy, turn on Ghost Mode and you will be instantly and completely invisible to everyone in the Calibrr Community at a moment’s notice. You will remain invisible until you manually turn the Ghost Mode feature back off again.

Without Calibrr, it’s impossible to organize and list all of your social media accounts in one easily accessible place for others to find. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, everyone has had the impossible task of endlessly searching to find the social media account of someone specific. Calibrr is the solution. Upon creating your profile, you can organize and list all of your social media accounts and other online presences, onto your Calibrr profile for anyone to easily view, access, and interact with in an instant. No more eternal cyberspace searches for someone’s social media profiles.

Calibrr is the best method to drive traffic to all your online media. For each person that visits your profile, they’ll have access to your entire online presence in an instant. Calibrr massively increases exposure and viewership to your traditional social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more. Sign up for  ‘Calibrr Prime’ to even include media like Twitch, YouTube, your Website, your Contact Information, and even your Résumé & Cover Letter. Powerful Analytics are included for all media and platforms that you feature on your profile.

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